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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi Guys!

Are you seriously looking for genuine Internet Job Opportunities? If ‘YES’ then, you are in a right place. Believe me you will not be regretted for coming here.

First of all would like to thank YOU! for taking time to visit my Blog.

There are so many FAQs in our mind while searching genuine opportunities. As we all know there are number of companies giving ads for internet jobs most of them are FAKE or SCAMS. A big confusion is always there in our mine as, Which of these I should join? Will I be able to make some Money? For answers to all these confused thoughts please keep reading……

The real truth of internet jobs/business:

I began to wonder if this internet jobs thing was for real...if it's all just a scam...if there's really a way to make money from home using the web.

But being a practical person who doesn't give-up so easily, I kept trying. And believe me it wasn't long before a little money started trickling in...not much, but enough to keep my passion and I started working very hard on this.

That's When I accidentally discovered A Simple Little Formula That Literally Changed My Life Forever!

Now I am going to share my exact way by which I am earning lots of money online, I just don’t want to write lengthy articles here and wasting your time, instead I am straightaway showing you the methods I have applied.

I am listing five amazing opportunities here with which success is guaranteed, if you work as per instructions along with little extra efforts & time. Let’s get started. Here are the FIVE amazing  money making opportunities.

1. Get paid to complete Surveys. How about 2000$ a month? Sounds exciting?

 Just read further.You know, there are thousands of people, just like you and me, are working from home and making tons of cash, with just clicking the mouse. How? Let me explain:

Think about how many times you've rejected some phone calls that ask you about your opinions on their products or your preference. Maybe, you don’t like to be bothered by such calls or maybe you don’t want to show your opinions by free. That is why the telemarketing doesn’t work.

Believe it or not, big businesses spend more than 40 billion dollars every year to do market research to find out what you bought, what you want to buy, what is your take and what your advice is.

When you get some of the money in your own pocket, imagine you will never worry about your bills; imagine getting rid of boring jobs; imagine working at home with a cup of coffee on hand; and imagine more good times you will spend with your family and your friends. sound nice, right? It is easy for you to make it.

What you have to do is open your inbox and click on a survey link. It takes just a few minutes to answer basic questions about your shopping preferences, and then, with a click of the mouse, money comes to your account. Each survey will bring you $10-$40 for just 15-20 minutes of your time. If you do 4 surveys a day, you may make extra money of $2,180 a month or more than $20,000 a year.
No special skills required, no pressure, and NO RISKs at all. If this sounds too good to be true, believe me, I felt the same way in the first place. but, facts talk. just think about what you may do with such amount of money. Want to know step by step method and exclusive database of top genuine survey companies? You have to order, Make Huge Earnings package. Please go to How to order section below. (If u want to order only for this opportunity then it’s just Rs 750 or $15 that’s it.)
2. Google Adsense:

Guys this really works and working for so many people and companies. Google pays you to show their ads on your site and blogs. You have to simply add the Adsense code to your blog or site, once it is done Google starts displaying ads on your sites or blogs.
When someone clicks on that ad through your site or blog you get a commission of Rs 5/- to Rs. 200/- and believe me it adds up so fast and you end up earning  $1000 and more(Rs 50000) per month. That’s really cool money right?

In this opportunity we will assist you in:1) We will create your own Web page/Blog.
2) Put the Google Ads On Your Web page/Blog.
3) We will provide Online Training as How to generate 'traffic' on your Web page/Blog.
4) How to shower Income by just working one hour/day in the comfort of your own home.

We facilitate all above mentioned tasks for mere Rupees Three Thousand only. (Rs 3000/-) / ($60) (registration charges included). This is a one-time charge.

(P.N.)...Google Adsense usually takes 6 months for its members to be registered, because we are taking our service charges of the said amount, we will make you registered member in Google Adsense in a span of maximum 72 hours.(Apporx 2-3 Days).

Following are the benefits:
1) You will earn daily the amount of US$ 5 to 10 in your Google Adsense account without the help of Google Adword.
2) Your earnings trickles even though you are not Working.
3) Per referral's you are paid Rupees five hundred ($10/Rs 500)4) We will facilitate you with new opportunities, new ideas and new thoughts on generating an honest income for yourself.

Simply join this program, set it up and just wait for the money. To set up your site and the insider secrets of mine as how to increase your Adsense earnings, please order “Huge Earnings” package. Please go to How to order section below.

3. Affiliate Marketing Business through Commission Junction and Clickbank and many Top Companies like  Amazon, wallmart,yahoo,E-bay,Microsoft etc.

In this too u can earn $2000 or more pm by promoting different companies thru classified sites n search engines and many other sure shot ways. You have to just promote companies by becoming their affiliate and earn huge commissions. I have a huge database of companies and u will get directions as how to do this work step by step to achieve results.

All the details u will get when u order my huge earnings package by going to How to order section of this blog given below. Remember guys these r all proven opportunities on web and a sure shot earning scope is there unless u put some efforts. If u want to order only this opportunity it’s just 15$ or Rs 750 that’s it. Let’s move on to fourth opp.
4.Get paid to read emails.

Guys! this is the easiest way of earning good money on net. You have to just read some emails in your inbox daily for 30 to 80 seconds that's it! u got paid for that. There is a trick as to how to make use of these sites step by step and make Rs 50000 or $1000 per month without any hassles.
I have a huge database of these companies ready for you have to just register with these and start earning money that’s it. To know all the steps, tricks and tips please order my huge earnings package by going to How to order section below. If u want to order this opportunity only its Rs 750 or 15$.
5. Work from Home by submiting articles to various sites and earn money.

You can easily earn a handsome income by submitting articles to various sites. I have a database of these sites and will tell u how to do it step by step if u wants you will b given training at my place. It’s another opportunity to earn guaranteed money. If u want to order only this opportunity then its 1500rs or 30$. U will get discount if u order whole huge income package.

From my last 6 years of experience on internet and online income, I have found that Affiliate Program, Google AdSense, Paid Surveys and get paid to Read Emails are the only ways with which you can earn online but you need some guidance and tips to how to go about it to avoid failure. Please avoid the websites if they are offering the packages other than this. Data entry programs which r asking 49 or 50 dollars r a big scam so avoid those guys.

Follow my steps u will start earning a steady flow of income, I can,t make u a rich person overnight but with this u can surely earn a decent online monthly income.

What makes my offer different from others is value for money as I am giving this for half of the price and loads of extra bonuses.

Example of Google Adsense websites:- or or

How to order?
Please order now for your online package unlike all other firms I will not send any CDs I will send u a link of my website where u will get instant access to all the information on step by step guide as how to earn from Google Adsense, Paid Surveys Get paid to Read Emails and Commission Junction and Article Submission. Training for blog creation and article submission only will b given at my place for interested people(only at Mumbai).

You will be getting apart from all four opportunities above the following bonuses absolutely free.

1. How to b a Millionaire in 7 days for just Rs 120. ( A Rs 500 or 10$ value)
2.How to earn extra money up to 5000$ p.m. with your own site. (A Rs 2000 or 40$ value)
3. Free EBooks downloads. (A 500 or 10$ value)
4. Free exclusive list of classified websites and directories. (A Rs 500 or 10$ value)
5. Free list of search engine submissions. (A Rs 500 or 10$ value)
6. And all future internet income opportunities and support thru Emails. Free.
Now let’s sum up what u will get from me...

Its Huge Income for you Package includes:

1 Opportunity no. 1 Exclusive list of paid Surveys Genuine and Tested to earn $2000/month ( $15 value).
2. Google Adsense package. ( $60 value)
3. Commission Junction Package. ( $15 value)
4. Get paid to read over 150 sites list ( $15 value)
5. Article submission job ( $30 value)
6. Bonuses. ($80)

So if you sum it up its 15+60+15+15+30+80 =$215 value. that’s approx Rs. 11500/-.

Now all other companies are charging this much and more and selling each opportunity separately. But I am just taking my hard work cost as you don’t have to search for all the lists tricks n trips it’s all ready for you. You just have to join and work as per my methods I assure you that, SUCCESS is GUARANTEED. So this will cost you just $100 OR Rs. 5000/-
But for a limited time may be this month I am giving it for $80 Or Rs.4000/-.

Remember I may change this offer soon back to its original price as its all valuable and important info I am sharing with you so act fast and Hurry up! to avail this exclusive offer and get yourself financially independent by earning huge income online.

Earning potential from all the four opportunities are from $2000 to $10000, however it all depends on ones individual efforts.

So order now this amazing package for just $80 or Rs 4000/-.

Note: All other companies offering you this opportunity for Rs. 3000/-. i.e. $60, separately for each of these opportunities. I have clubbed all these into one package. I am giving you all my hard work and exact step by step methods of mine to earn huge income, it’s on your personal efforts u will decide how much you will earn.

If you want to order each opportunity separately or any one of them then you can do that ( Refer respective opportunity sections for their costs.)
Order Now ...
1. For Indian customers
A. Please deposit Rs 4000/- in cash/cheque to the following account.
Name: Jitendra Jivangikar
Account No : 01461000008088 , HDFC Bank

P N: You don’t have to have a HDFC A/C to deposit, just walk in to any HDFC Bank and deposit Cash or Cheque. Don’t forget to send scanned copy of your cash receipt or check at for verification.

B. You can also deposit $80 through PAYPAL or ALERTPAY

C. You can money order also to this address... ( Indian customers only.)
Jitendra Jivangikar, Flat No. 2, Moreshwar Appts., Shivajinagar, Opp. Aakash Ganga, Rabodi-2, Thane West - 400601.

Please send me your MO number and date to keep a track of your payment. You can mail me at write your name n email id in the space for communication field while sending money orders.

2. For international customers worldwide other than India
You can order through paypal and Alertpay links provided below or if you have an account with these go to your account and order from there remember you have to send payments to this paypal id or Alertpay id 

A.PAYPAL : Deposit $80 to paypal id

B.ALERTPAY : Deposit $80 to Alertpay id

C.WESTERN UNION : Deposit $80 to this address..Jeetendra Jivangikar, C/O Manjunath Shetty,Flat no 2,shivaji nagar,Rabodi 2,Thane(W),Maharastra,India 400601

Note please send the western union number after u deposit your amount to

Please mail me at after you send payment thru these payment processors so that I will give you the access to the system.

 Thank you and hope we all together will be financially independent by helping each other. Team work helps. I assure you that, you will definitely earn some regular handsome money by following the steps provided in my website.

As soon as you make payment please email me so that, I can give you the link to access immediately for the step by step guide to earn from internet. I will mail you the website link at your email id so don’t forget to tell me as on which id you want me to give my website link.

So get started now order it’s just  4000rs. or 80$
As 'time' is the best friend of a human being, you either stay with the time or you let the time pass by you & if passed, you cannot catch the flown away time. Relax! count for days, for your thoughts to turn in to action or act as the. Run fast for the finishing line, (sure you would loose the race sleeping, a while.)

This is the 21st century. You have to adapt to adjust to the information/developments in technologies occurred. My perspective is, to show you a way to generate money from the source I have provided, it’s up to you to be the leave it or grow up!

My contact details: Cell No: 919867420484
Remember it’s once in a lifetime opportunity to get financially independent. Hurry up!

Happy Earning!

Feel free to contact me.
Jitendra Jivangikar.
Email: Mobile: +91 9867420484
Guys! Please don’t forget to click on the Google ads at the bottom and at the right hand panel of this blog as I am sure you’re going to explore some exciting income opportunities.

Note: The income said here is not guaranteed by me or this blog it’s up to individual efforts on which the amount varies but there r people who r earning by using this information. I am just giving u information how to do it but the efforts r from your side.

Please remember initially it may take some time to create a blog and to join all the opportunities but once u do that money will follow u be patient and do exactly what I have done.